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Drawn Together Movie

2009-12-21 02:36:53 by zone14

just watched trailer for Drawn Together Movie, Fuckin Awesome! Cant wait! Straight to dvd April 2010!!! hell yeah!!!

watch it and vote 5 or blam it do whatever you want its your life and its ending one flash movie at a time.

Mario Pole Death

check out my awesome new flash now with 27% more mario death

here is my awesome new piece of art where mario flips you, yes you the bird.

new art!  Mario flips you the bird!

Winter Flash off

2009-12-01 13:49:46 by zone14

TF Says:

Don't forget, this month is the winter Flash-Off! To participate, make a winter or holiday-themed Flash and use our Winter Pre-loader and optional Flash Ads. Also please link people to our collection page to view all the entries.


1st - $1000
2nd - $750
3rd - $500
4th - $300
5th - $200

We'll also have bonus prizes based on the turnout.

Tomorrow is the 1st of December and that means MONTHLY VOTING TIME! Visit your account options page tomorrow to see if you're in the voting pool.

completed walking

2009-12-01 03:12:32 by zone14

All of wantana, arup and casick

All of moffat

All of castille

all of leighton

all of hochtief

all of jager

5 of clayton starting from castille end

overland between castille and leighton

Check out my new flash Strawberry Cock 2

2009-11-25 01:41:58 by zone14

here it is my new flash movie

check it out baboon anal love, the best flash I have seen today!!!!

watch it vote 5!!!!!

I am a huge fan of baboon anal love lol

I want One Million Dollars Immediately!!!

Sexy Time

2009-11-07 15:39:54 by zone14

I want to make the sexy times.

Post office worker Georgia hands in parcel containing $100,000, by AAP.

POLICE have praised an Australia Post worker who handed in a parcel containing $100,000 she found behind a post office in Melbourne's south-east.

Police say the woman, known only as Georgia, found the parcel yesterday propped up against a door behind a strip of Clayton South shops about 4.40pm (AEDT).

Georgia today said the package was daubed with $50 signs and, without opening it, she called police before taking it to the Springvale Police Station.

Written on the bag were the CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) initials, which also has a branch at the Clayton South shopping centre.

"I didn't want to know what was inside it," Georgia said.

Constable Mike Hannie said the money was inside an ATM cash cartridge full of $50 notes.

"I think Georgia has done a fantastic job and it's great to see someone in the community is doing the right thing," Const Hannie said.

Georgia is hoping her luck comes in threes because she collected $4500 in a trifecta on the Melbourne Cup and police think she deserves a reward for her efforts yesterday.